Puppy Love

We have learned so much about puppies and dogs since October 1997 when we welcomed Sunflower as a 8 week old golden retriever puppy into our hearts and classroom.  The desire, of a lower elementary student who had participated as a preschooler in the welcoming of puppy Sunflower, to help “raise” another puppy prompted our discovery of Canine Companions for Independence. Through the love and devotion that we have poured into these special pups, born with an incredible purpose of helping further someone’s independence, students and teachers have learned so much about life and service to others.  Many years ago a classroom visitor who, after hearing about the dog from that very same child, claimed “I could never do that!  I would love the dog too much to give it up!” learned that child’s perspective, “we love him very, very much too, but it is not about the giving up, it is about the giving.”