Our Butterfly and Ruby-throated Hummingbird Gardens

Our butterfly and hummingbird garden provides such a peaceful, welcoming, cozy spot to observe and support wildlife.   Awe and wonder are definitely alive in all who sit quietly and observe.   A question as simple as “What kind of animal is that?” often begins a child’s journey.   As they research answers, they learn ways we could modify the garden to entice that animal to return frequently or to help limit that animal’s visit to our garden.   It provides a great spot to act as “citizen-scientists” by observing and counting pollinators, or carefully collecting a Monarch chrysalis to bring inside to provide protection to the Monarch in its most helpless state.

JOY!   It’s contagious and flows throughout our school community!

We hope you’ll find joy, and even a sense of awe and wonder, as you scroll through these photographs!