Our Mission and Vision

We care deeply about rigorous academics, school climate, and community. 

Kindness.  Belonging.  Connectedness. Community.

These are beautiful ways to feel, and such important components in a learning environment.  Feelings of connectedness and belonging create a sense of safety — it’s okay not to know, or to forget, it’s okay to try something new, it’s okay to take risks, and it’s even okay to fail.  We learn so much more when we feel safe, and cherished, where we know we belong, where we can try, knowing our efforts will be supported, where we will be treated kindly by classmates and teachers.

We’re fortunate that even though we are on summer break, we see our returning students while we welcome our new students into our special community through summer activities we host every few weeks.  The goal of summer get-togethers is to keep the community connectedness thriving!  It’s how new students feel like returning students by the time school begins, and how returning students keep in touch with classmates and schoolmates that they might not see on a regular basis during the summer.

As Montessori educators, we work with joy and commitment to encourage a lifelong love of learning.  We have created a supportive community of learners in which students can explore and grow their interests, embrace the work of becoming educated, and develop into capable leaders that value justice and kindness.

Children learn and achieve the most when they advance through subjects at their own pace, in ways that suit their learning style, without being limited by the progress of the group.

The beauty of Montessori education is that each day brings new learning opportunities to the classroom.  What discoveries will the children make during their school-break adventures or in a simple evening at home?  What discoveries will the teachers make as they try new things? It’s very important for teachers to be eager and enthusiastic learners, too!  All those daily discoveries and adventures will bring inspiration into the classroom!  There is always new materials to research, greater understandings to develop, so much to share and learn with one another!

We welcome you to explore and learn more about Montessori Habitat and our very special community of families.

We would be delighted to set up a time to meet and learn about your child while you learn about us. Call us at (217) 366-3260, or use the form below to get in touch.


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