Our Gardens

There’s so much going on with our gardens!  They are always evolving, ever in need of weeding, and nearly always offering us some type of bounty.  They are a beautiful part of our school, filled with learning challenges, experiences, successes, and failures!  They are empowering, motivating, and peaceful places!

Gardening is an optional activity for all our students.  As a learning community experience, it brings together many aspects of our curriculum such as botany, zoology, history, practical life, and art, along with planning, persistence, and pleasure while giving our students an opportunity to impact our environment and to provide nourishment for people, and animals.  Gardening provides authentic research opportunities to learn about the specific needs of the plants or animals we want to attract to — or away from — our garden areas.

We value the peacefulness, satisfaction, and empowerment which many children and adults experience from working with plants to create both beauty and bounty.

Our Butterfly and Ruby-throated Hummingbird Garden

Our butterfly and hummingbird garden provides such a peaceful, welcoming, cozy spot to observe and support wildlife.  Awe and wonder are definitely alive in all who sit quietly and observe.  A question as simple as "What kind of animal is that?" often begins a child's...

Our Vegetable Garden

How does our garden grow... Well, right now, it's pretty messy, wild, overgrown, perhaps even an eyesore.  It is definitely an eyesore.  We choose to be "lazy" gardeners and leave the plants standing at the end of harvest time to provide a habitat for...

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