Expanding Learning

There’s so much learning that happens in all our classrooms!  The students discover interests and find ways to expand their learning.  Students will suggest activities, field trips, and additional resources useful to carry out their ideas.  A wide variety of presentations are frequently created, from speeches to plays, to share with their classmates and teachers.  Teachers also offer ideas to support the current interests students have shared or to ignite a yet-to-be discovered interest.  For example, students became very interested in pollinators and the challenges specifically facing honey bees and monarch butterflies.

Through their enthusiastic learning, we developed an apiary and brought a monarch sanctuary to life.  We’ve experienced great joy releasing monarch butterflies after bringing chrysalis’ into our classroom which protects them from predators and results in a much higher survival rate.

Our classroom is a creative learning environment.  Below is additional information about some of our recent  expanded learning options. Enjoy!

Cooking Class

Cooking class this fall provides each of our elementary students with the opportunity to choose a recipe to make for their classmates and schoolmates.  From the recipe selection (there are so many choices) to the preparation of the ingredients, many challenges are...

Timelines and History to Life!

Our 5th and 6th years have embarked on a timeline creation project based on our history shelves.  The project began -- and continues -- with great discussions about how to define history, why and how people record history, and the importance of recognizing the missing...

Moon Journals

Our elementary students enjoyed a month-long, inquiry-based study of the moon.  They created moon journals and were encouraged to observe the moon each night, recording its changes along with their thoughts and ideas. The students brought their impressions of the...

Our Vegetable Garden

How does our garden grow... Well, right now, it's pretty messy, wild, overgrown, perhaps even an eyesore.  It is definitely an eyesore.  We choose to be "lazy" gardeners and leave the plants standing at the end of harvest time to provide a habitat for...

Making Butter

Enjoying the freshly made butter on delicious blueberry muffins

Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail – Birmingham

We arrived in Birmingham on Sunday morning in time to attend the service at The 16th Street Baptist Church.  We were so graciously and warmly welcomed!  Our group represented many different religious and non-religious traditions, but all of us...

2016 Graduation Trip to Alabama and Tennessee

For the 2016 8th year graduation trip, a gift from our school to our graduates, we headed to Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama and Memphis, Tennessee.  While our students and teachers have much knowledge about the struggles and challenges faced, visiting...

Our Butterfly and Ruby-throated Hummingbird Garden

Our butterfly and hummingbird garden provides such a peaceful, welcoming, cozy spot to observe and support wildlife.  Awe and wonder are definitely alive in all who sit quietly and observe.  A question as simple as "What kind of animal is that?" often begins a child's...

Geology Trip to Starved Rock

An incredible day exploring Starved Rock with two geology experts:

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