Expanding Learning

There’s so much learning that happens in all our classrooms!  The students discover interests and find ways to expand their learning.  Students will suggest activities, field trips, and additional resources useful to carry out their ideas.  A wide variety of presentations are frequently created, from speeches to plays, to share with their classmates and teachers.  Teachers also offer ideas to support the current interests students have shared or to ignite a yet-to-be discovered interest.  For example, students became very interested in pollinators and the challenges specifically facing honey bees and monarch butterflies.  Through their enthusiastic learning, we developed an apiary and brought a monarch sanctuary to life.  We’ve experienced great joy releasing monarch butterflies after bringing chrysalis’ into our classroom which protects them from predators and results in a much higher survival rate.  Our classroom is a creative learning environment.  There is additional information about some of the expanded learning happening this fall.  Enjoy!